Staying Healthy While Working In An Office


If you work in an office outside your home, you are 99% more likely to fall victim to germs. In your home office, you clean and disinfect your space. And no one comes in it mostly but you. But if you work in an office outside your home, you have no control over whether or not the office is well cleaned. If you have a cubicle, bacteria and germs can fester even more because it is a small enclosed space. The people who work around you are also hazardous to your health. So the best way to stay healthy while working in an office is to have a cleaning routine.

The first area that you want to clean at least twice during your working shift is your desk. Even though no one else sits at your desk, you can bring germs and bacteria to you desk. You can inadvertently bring germs to your desk from the bathroom. Sure you washed your hands, but did you wash your forearms the way that doctors do before surgery? Studies show that most of us carry germs on our forearms all the day long. So when you return to your desk and rest your arms on the desk, you have just transferred those germs to your desk.

The next item on your desk to clean before your day begins is your telephone. The mouthpiece section of any phone harbors germs. They are easily adhered to the mouth piece because it generates heat. We have to brush our teeth at least twice a day even though we cannot see or feel the germs and bacteria in our mouth. The mouth piece section on a phone is the same way. We cannot see them, smell them, or feel them. The computer keyboard that you work on in your office is also a germ trap. The keys are raised for easy user capability. While it is easy for the user, it is also easy for germs to settle between the openings of the keys on the keyboard. Some keys on some computers are removable. If yours can be removed, you should do a thorough disinfecting by removing them one at a time. You will be amazed to see all the crud that hides under computer keys. So if you do these easy cleaning steps everyday, your office will become less of a germ trap for you. You will be able to rest easier knowing that a little work have protected you from germ induced illnesses.

How You Can Improve Your WordPress Site


When it comes to blogging platforms, WordPress is king when it comes to customization and usability. From downloading plugins and tweaking sidebar widgets, to generating an SEO-friendly presence, WordPress simplifies the customization process of designing a website. There are thousands of options available to make a website stand out from the rest.

Here are some ways you can improve your WordPress site.

Build an SEO Friendly Site
Having an SEO friendly website opens the floodgates to the search engine world. Search Engine Optimization means you are building content and building links with other relevant websites. Quite simply, you can improve your website by writing content that use keywords, which help websites get found in searches.

XML Site Map
Once you have built a strong SEO friendly website by creating good content, now you need a way to alert search engines of your site updates. An XML sitemap notifies the search engines of content on your website. There are a variety of free XML sitemap plugins available, from monthly updates to all search engines, to daily updates of one search engine.

Use Your Widgets
Widgets can help you change the appearance of your sidebar. Your sidebar is a great place to include calendar updates, contact details, and most importantly, recent posts to your website. Simply by changing your widgets from the default format, you will be making a drastic improvement on your website.

Social Media
Share your site regularly, without spamming of course, to all the social media sites. If you learn how to market your website with social media, your website will build credibility to your fans. Speaking of fans, make sure you have your website link posted on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. If you are posting content that people like, they will want to visit your site. Make sure your link is easy to find!

Share Buttons
Another way social media can improve your WordPress website involves share buttons. If you want an easy way for people to share your content on social media platforms, include share buttons on your content. There are many options of plugins available for share buttons, some easier to use than others. Just find the right plugin that works for you. Some share button plugins even allow you to customize the appearance of your share boxes.

These are just a few of the ways you can improve your WordPress website. With so many customization options available, why would you ever want a mediocre website?


How To Achieve Social Media Sanity


Email. Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google+. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the task of staying connected to all of your social media streams?

If you’re like me, managing your social media presence can become a burdensome challenge. Reading and updating each stream can take a lot of time, and enticing new platforms are popping up all the time. But there are ways to organize your favorite social media platforms in one place, free of charge.

The best way to get organized is to install a social media “dashboard” on your desktop or mobile device. Think of a social media dashboard as the “glue” that holds together all of your online social activity. Some of the most popular dashboards include Hootsuite, SocialOomph, and digsby, and can handle not only the popular social media outlets, but also instant messaging and email accounts.

After downloading an application to your device or accessing through a web browser, a short registration process is all that separates you from social media sanity! Set up time is mere minutes and organization is simple. You can do all the things you like to do on the separate sites, such as “Like,” composing messages and posting comments. These dashboards will help you become a more efficient socialite by reducing the time spent opening and logging into separate applications and eliminating the need to switch between platforms. Your favorite dashboard will quickly become a “one-stop shop” for your social media cravings!

If you are one who prefers to access your social media sites separately, another way to reduce the time spent accessing each site is to create a web browser “tab” for each social media site and “pin” each tab to your browser. Each time you open your browser, the tabs that you have pinned will be displayed across the top of the browser window. The ability to pin tabs is possible in popular tabbed web browsers, including Firefox and Google Chrome.

Don’t spend another minute in a social media daze. Use these tools to quickly, easily and cheaply become a social media aficionado!

Computer Software To Help Your Finances


One of the most important parts of having a good financial life is to live on a budget. This is knowing how much money you have coming in each month and where your money is going. There are several options for computer software to help you with your budgeting.

It can be as simple as entering your income and spending and the software will categorize your spending. It is easy to see where your money is going when you see how you spend in each of the categories. By tracking your spending, you may be able to find ways to cut down spending on certain categories or cut out some spending completely.

Also, by using software to keep track of your financial records, it should be easier to get your records together when filing your income tax returns. Although the computer software does most of the work, you do have to set aside time on a regular basis to enter the information. It may be easier if you set aside a time every week or month instead of leaving it for a longer period of time. By doing it once a week or month, it should not take you very long at each session to enter the numbers. If you only do it every few months or at the end of the year, it will take longer and you may get frustrated and give up.

With the various programs available, it may take a few to find the right fit for you. Do not give up if the first one you try doesn’t seem to work for you. It doesn’t matter how you keep track of your finances, as long as you do it.

Many people don’t know how much money they actually have coming in and out each month. It may be beneficial to you to se computer software to track your spending.

What Are The Different Reasons for Backing Up Data?


When it comes to keeping the things safe and protected on your computer, or your server for that matter, there is a lot to be said for backing things up. The truth is, there are a lot of benefits to choosing to do this regularly, and understanding some of the most common reasons for doing do might encourage you to consider this for yourself in the future.

It is evident that the most common reason for backing up files and records would be to protect them in the event of something detrimental happening to the computer. Viruses and malware can cause a lot of problems for a PC, and without hardly any notice at all, your computer could just quit working properly. Some viruses are so bad that it makes it virtually impossible to retrieve any information from the hard drive anymore.

However, if you were to back up the files on your computer, you would not have to worry as much about what would happen to them in the event of an unforeseen virus hitting your computer or a power surge that fries the internal hardware. Case in point, they are stored off of the computer on disk or through a service offering usable storage space for backing up important files that can be accessed and restored to your computer once it is functional again.

Another common reason that people back up files and folders from their PC is to free up space. There are numerous services and providers that allot subscribers a specific amount of cloud storage. This allows someone to keep these files safe and protected, but not taking up the finite amount of space on the hard drive.

These are the two most common reasons that people back up data from their PCs or phones. There are many benefits to doing so, and the safety and assurance of the life of the file is something that should drive you to consider this option. There are certainly numerous ways to go about this, from simply storing things to data discs or using cloud services available online to store these items.

What Is The Most Reliable Way To Find ‘Hot’ Apps On your Smart Phone


Nothing was ‘smarter’ than the smart phone when it first came out. Before the release of the first one, customers were impressed with the candy-looking icons that covered the screen. The app (application) stores provided plenty of these applications and more kept coming

Now in retrospect, we see how much app has changed especially that there are different Operating System (Os) manufacturers. Each one of them provides a virtual store where these apps can be downloaded from, yet there are so many apps created and more coming that it is hard to decide which one is worth the phone’s internal storage. As a short cut, there are some ways to cut through the clutter and find hot apps on your smart phone.

Going To The Store

Once the phone is on, the best thing to do is to find the application store. This is where all of the apps can be downloaded. Depending on the phone’s Os, will determine the store name but once you are able to access it there are a few things to look for.

It might take some scrolling through, but usually before completing any searches, the app store will show the ‘hottest’ apps up front. These are usually the ones that are being used the most or the creators have invested on greatly to get them upfront.

They are categorized in different ways also, so the kind of game, business tool, menu or anything can be found here.

Using Other Apps

This is a good example of engagement with advertising and making it work. All smart phones will already come with apps installed by default. Usually, these will be the most used applications that are the expected standard of let’s say social networking.

By using these, one will find that there are always going to be invites or people using certain apps to post things through the social networking site. Already during this use, one is able to see that there are others using those apps and if they are being used constantly than this is a good indication. Usually one would question, “What’s with this app that everyone is using?”

At that point, going to the app store for your phone will just rely on a quick search. Most likely however, it will already be on the popular app list.


The ability to drive all the apps to one source not only makes it more convenient for the user but it also cuts down on illegitimate apps that also fill the market place. Many of these are malicious and cannot be supported or endorsed by the store. On top of it all, it makes it easier for beginners and power users to use.

Creating An Efficient Office Space

office space

Whether in a home or commercial building, many people work out of an office. These rooms should be designed for maximum efficiency and comfort so employees do not have any distractions whatsoever. Offices should include a few pieces of furniture that provide function and stylish design. It is important to include elements in an office that fully represent the individual working there and the business that is being run in the space. There are some great ways to create a fully efficient office space.

Firstly, the desk space should not be too big or too small. Many times, people go and purchase extremely large desks that are larger than many conference room tables. A desk should be large enough to hold a keyboard and computer screen or a laptop. There really should not be anything else on the desk top, except maybe a phone. Any more space on a desk will require people to feel they have to place things on it. The desk should be incredibly sleek with just enough space on top for these few items. Desks that have shelves, drawers, and cabinets under the desk top are very good for storing items that should be left out of site. Desks are the main focal points of an office space. These furniture pieces offer the main way to completing a job and being efficient so it should be chosen wisely.

Lastly, the desk chair. Most offices spaces offer desk chairs that are brown, black or grey. They can be made out of leather and have adjustable seats. Most of these desk chair types have wheels on the bottom to move around easily. While these are great chairs that serve a main purpose, they are not the most appealing or comfortable. Today, more and more people are choosing decorative chairs to use at their desks. These chairs can be a great way to incorporate some style into a person’s office. However, just because the chairs are pretty does not mean they aren’t going to be used. Many decorative chairs are actually more comfortable and relaxing to sit in than standard office chairs. A great chair does not have to have wheels so it is ok for it to be stationary.

Many people consider the office space to be where all “the magic happens” in business. Profits are made in the office, calls are made, and papers are signed so it is imperative to have a great space. Workers should feel comfortable, creative, and motivated in their offices.