Cookies Dab Pen Battery Review



The cookies dab pen battery is a good choice for anyone who wants to use the Cookie brand’s THC cartridges. It has a great battery life, adjustable voltage settings, and a sleek form factor that looks like it belongs in your pocket.

The cookies dab pen battery costs $20 on their website, and it comes with a USB charger. It does not have a draw activation feature, but it has a five click on/off firing button that will turn on and off the battery when you press it.

It’s not as powerful as other pens in the same price range, but it puts out enough juice for most people. It’s also very compact, so you can easily slip it in your pocket without being noticeable.

The Pros and Cons of Cookies Dab Pen Batteries

How to Use a Cookies Pen
The Cookie 510 vape pen works with any 510 cart that has a 510 thread, and it can be used with other brands of cartridges if you’re in a pinch. To get started, simply screw the 510 cart on and make sure that it is adhered properly.

You can start vaping right away, but you should wait ten minutes between your first and second drags to ensure that you’re not going overboard. Taking a second or third puff when you aren’t ready can cause unpleasant effects and could make you feel dangerously high.

Using the Cookies Dab Pen Battery is easy and safe, so long as you follow the instructions carefully. It’s also a good idea to buy quality carts with weed oil instead of cheap ones that contain filler liquids. Fake carts are often unsafe and can cause serious illnesses and even death.


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