Scunchie Butt Leggings


scrunchie butt

The latest craze to hit the activewear world is scrunchie butt—and it’s all about giving your backside a gorgeous and curvy look. Basically, they’re leggings with a ruched effect in the middle of your cheeks that’s designed to enhance your bottom. And if you ask us, they look pretty amazing on any butt shape and size.

But are they actually flattering? We’re not going to lie, some styles just don’t work for everyone. It can be because the seam doesn’t sit well with your specific butt shape, or it accentuates certain parts of your butt that aren’t as flattering. But the good news is, it’s all about finding the right pair of leggings for your unique butt shape that’ll give you a really flattering effect.

Accentuate Your Curves: The Rise of Scrunchie Butt Activewear

The best scrunchie butt leggings, for example, are cinched right where your glutes start (a.k.a your “butt crack” or “inergluteal cleft”). They’re designed to help accentuate your cheeks in a natural way and give you that full rounded booty look you work so hard for. Plus, they’re super comfortable to wear and can handle all your sweaty workouts, from squats to lunges and even running errands. We’ve gathered some of our favorite leggings that give you that scrunch butt in style—and they’re all available online, too! Plus, we’ve included tips on how to shop for the perfect pair.

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