Selecting the Best Lightweight Car Seats for Infants


Selecting the Best Lightweight Car Seats for Infants

About Selecting the Best Lightweight Car Seats for Infants

Baby gear is expensive enough with all the diapers, milk powder, toys, strollers, and more you need to prepare, but there’s also another cost you don’t always consider when purchasing an infant car seat: the weight of the seat itself. Luckily, there are lightweight car seats on the market that are easy to lift and transport without breaking your back. Go here

The best lightweight infant cars seats for 2023 weigh less than 10 pounds and are easy to maneuver and transport, making them a good choice for families who plan on taking taxis or traveling often by plane with their child. Most of the car seats are compatible with most strollers, allowing parents to easily transform their car seat into a travel system.

Traveling with Your Newborn: The Ultimate Guide to Lightweight Infant Car Seats

One of the lightest infant car seats is the Nuna Pipa Lite and the Lite R, weighing 5.3 lbs without the canopy or infant insert. Both of these seats offer great features, including a unique side-impact protection and seatbelt paths that allow the seat to be used on its own (without the base) for FAA approval when using on an airplane.

There’s a new lightweight option on the market, the Doona infant car seat. This premium seat has an impressive feature set, but it comes at a price – it weighs over 16.5 lbs – and is not the ideal lightweight car seat for families who only plan to use it on taxis or planes and won’t be carrying it around with them at all times.

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