What Does a Computer Technician Do?


Computer technicians use problem-solving skills to help customers and employees with technology issues. These solutions may include software updates, screen repairs, or identifying and resolving hardware errors. In addition to technical knowledge, these professionals need to be able to explain complicated problems in ways that nontechnical people can understand. I figured out that the retention policy set by my organization was responsible for the error – called my IT admin and he fixed it.

What is the best field in computer?

Computer repair technicians often work on laptops, desktop computers, and server systems. They can also repair external devices like keyboards, mice, and cameras. In some cases, the technician can restore data on a corrupted hard drive using tools that were saved during a previous restore point. This may restore the installed applications and Windows Registry to the state they were in when the computer was originally fixed.

Frequently, customers call with questions about how to use their computers or specific programs. The computer technician must be able to describe the problem in terms that the customer can understand and offer basic instructions for fixing the issue. They also need to write reports and emails for management about their repair efforts.

Many computer repair technicians have an associate or bachelor’s degree in a field such as information technology, computer science, or computer engineering. They can also complete a vocational program to learn the necessary skills for the job. Some of these programs, such as Job Corps’ Computer Technician A+, combine classroom training with on-the-job experience at a local business or community organization. Other certificate programs are available for specialized areas of computer repair.

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