What is Search Engine Optimisation?


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a key aspect of online marketing. When done correctly, it helps attract more organic traffic to a website and leads to higher revenue for businesses.

SEO Search engines like Google study all the pages on the Internet and display results that are relevant to a person’s query. They do this by analyzing the content of a page, including its topic, keywords and authority. To do this they use complex equations called search algorithms.

The results of a search are displayed in an ordered list, with the first few results receiving the most traffic. For this reason, many people strive to improve their rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). In the SEO industry, this is referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SE Optimization.

The Fundamentals of SEO: How Search Engines Work and Why It Matters

Increasing a site’s visibility in SERPs through best practices like including keywords in titles and meta descriptions, using descriptive URLs with keywords rather than strings of numbers, using schema markup to specify a page’s content meaning, and so on. Search engines also consider how well a page satisfies a person’s search intent. For example, if someone searches for “slow cooker recipes,” Google will show pages that provide the most relevant information, while if someone searches for “Atlanta Falcons hat,” the search engine will display ecommerce listings and other sponsored results.

Keeping up with the latest ranking factors is an important part of SEO. The good news is that while search engines change their algorithms frequently, the fundamentals of SEO remain fairly consistent over time.

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